10 Way To Get Rid Of Chicken Skin

Chicken skin appears as tiny bumps or brown spots on your skin. Chicken skin does not cause any pain or discomfort. You probably feel discomfort only when the bumps are inflamed. This condition is harmless but is annoying. Dry weather usually makes chicken skin worse.

This problem usually starts when extra skin cells are clustered around the hair follicles. This leads the formation of a knob. When this happens, the hair can be trapped under the skin leading to the formation of a bump. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do that can help you get rid of chicken skin rash. Here are the 10 ways to get rid of chicken skin;

1. Moisturize Your Skin

It is very important to ensure that your skin is well moisturized at all times when you want to get rid of chicken skin. Moisturizers help to keep the skin soft and help soften the bumps. Apply a moisturizing lotion to your skin regularly. It is recommended that you should apply a moisturizer at least two times a day.

2. Try Using A Moisturizer That Controls Lactic Acid

Lactic acid can be very beneficial when you have chicken skin. This acid is capable of breaking up the keratin that clogs up your hair follicles. There are many moisturizers in the market that contain lactic acid. In addition, you should apply a cream that contains urea on the chicken skin on arms and in other areas of your skin that have been affected by this condition. You should be very careful with urea cream when using it to get rid of chicken skin. This is because too much use of urea cream can lead to skin damage. After applying urea cream on your skin, wash your hands thoroughly. Only apply as much cream as instructed on the label if you don’t want to damage your skin.

3. Use An Exfoliant

An exfoliant will help you get rid of the dead skin in your pores. This will have a great impact on the appearance of your skin. The appearance of your skin will improve significantly when you get rid of the dead skin on a regular basis. However, you should avoid using an exfoliant that is too abrasive. this is because such an exfoliant can damage your skin over time. You can use a rough sponge when taking a shower. You should use this sponge in conjunction with an exfoliating soap. Don’t use a loofah because it may be too harsh on your skin.

get rid of chicken skin

4. Apply Oils To Your Skin

Oils do the same thing as creams and moisturizers. They help to soften the skin and the keratin. You should rub oil on the affected areas of your skin two times a day. Coconut oil is a good choice when you want to soften your skin. It is one of the most effective oils for skin softening. Use it whenever you go to shower every day. You should also dab a little coconut oil on your skin before you go to sleep. Another great oil that you should apply to your skin is pure vitamin E oil. This oil not only helps to make your skin soft, it also helps to nourish it with essential nutrients that it may be lacking. Vitamins E oil can give you impressive results when you want to get rid of chicken skin.

5. Use A Humidifier

If you live in an area that is dry, you should use a humidifier to protect your skin from dryness. If you are susceptible to chicken skin, your skin will be very sensitive when you are in a dry environment. By adding moisture to the air around, you will be able to prevent skin dryness to keep your skin soft. You should always use distilled water. Tap water contains chlorine, lead and nitrates.

6. Take Oatmeal Baths

Taking oatmeal baths on a regular basis will help you smoothen and hydrate your itchy skin. You should take an oatmeal bath at least once a week if you want to see good results within the shortest time possible. Take a third of cup oatmeal and blend it until it become powder. You should then pour the powder into your bath water and mix thoroughly. If you are not comfortable blending oatmeal, or you can’t make your own because of one reason or the other, you can buy oatmeal baths in your local store. This will also help you reduce the work that you need to do.

7. Avoid Both Dry And Cold Weather

Environments with low temperature, high temperature and low humidity will dry up your skin. They will leave you skin rough. Try your best to stay away from these environments if you want to reduce the appearance of chicken skin. If you really have to go to cold and dry environments, make sure that your skin is properly moisturized.

8. Spend Some Time In The Sun

Chicken skin is less noticeable during summer. This is because of the fact that there is plenty of sunshine in the summer. You should spend some time out in the sun to help your skin get rid of dead cells as well as to enjoy the hormonal boost that is provided by the sun. Always wear sunscreen when you are out in the sun to prevent skin damage.

9. Avoid Using Hot Water On Your Skin

Your skin will get dry when you use hot water on it. Avoid using hot water on your skin if you want to prevent dryness. Stick to warm and cool baths when you want to get rid of chicken skin. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after a warm or cool bath.

10. Take Advantage Of apple Cider Vinegar

Apply apple cider vinegar directly to the areas of your skin that has been affected by this condition. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off. The acid in the vinegar is an excellent exfoliating agent.

Other Useful Tips:

1. Get a prescription

2. Use baking soda and salt on your skin

3. Apply yoghurt on your skin

4. Take vitamin A capsules

5. Drink plenty of water to prevent skin dehydration

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