6 Ways To Get Rid Of Ringworm On Dogs Fast

Skin infections are quite common with dogs and therefore the onus lies on the users to find out ways and means by which the infections can be controlled and kept at bay. One of the most common infections for dogs is ringworm and they are indeed nasty and highly contagious. It is therefore vital to treat the same as early as possible once it has been identified and diagnosed. Over the next few lines we will try and find out 6 ways to get rid of ringworm on dogs fast.

We will be looking at home based and natural ways and means by which the problem can be solved. Before doing so you have to be sure about the symptoms associated with ringworm. There are classic symptoms including scaly skin, small round lesions, pustules, thinning of hair and skin which is irritated and itchy.

1) Use of Antifungal Shampoo To Get Rid Of Ringworm On Dogs

Though not considered very seriously, bathing your pet dog regularly with antifungal shampoo can certainly help a lot in keeping ringworm at bay. At the end of the day, ringworm is a fungal infection and therefore any quality antifungal shampoo will do the job. However, you should be sure that the shampoo does not cause any side effects, irritation and allergies. This is an effective ringworm treatment for dogs.

2) Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid Of Ringworm On Dogs

Tea Tree Oil has been used on human beings for centuries. It also can be used on man’s best friend to treat various types of skin infections including ringworm. If tea tree oil is mixed and diluted in the right ratio, it can help treat ringworm in dogs effectively. It can also be useful in treating other skin infections. It should be diluted in one-is-to-one ratio of water and tea tree oil. It has to be applied on the affected part of the dog and should be down twice a day. It should be continued at least for four days or a week.

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3) Apple Cider Vinegar To Get Rid Of Ringworm On Dogs

There is no doubt apple cider vinegar is one of the best medicines for treating various types of infections of the skin and other external areas of the body. It can work wonders for naturally healing infections including fungal infections caused by ringworms. It has to be used as a solution and the pet should be rinsed in the solution after bath.

4) Papaya To Get Rid Of Ringworm On Dogs

Papaya can work very well because it is known to be a good anti-fungal agent. It can work very well both on dogs and human beings. It is simple to use, very safe and virtually free from side effects. A piece of papaya (raw) should be rubbed in the areas which have been affected by ringworm infection. It should be done at least four to five times a day for a week to have the desired impact. It is a proven way to treat ringworm on dogs.

5) Bleaching To Get Rid Of Ringworm On Dogs

Bleach is commonly used to treat ringworm infection in dogs. However, before applying it, you should be sure that it does not cause any irritation of itching. You could get started by diluting bleaching composition and then with the help of a cotton ball, it could be applied on the infected areas. If there is not irritation or itching it could be continues for around a week, twice or thrice a day. However, you have to be careful to avoid licking of the solution by the dog which could other health problems.

6) Garlic To Get Rid Of Ringworm On Dogs

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It is a known fact that garlic is a wonderful anti-septic and has a lot of other properties too. It is particularly effective against many fungal infections including ringworms. All that is required is to rub half clove on the areas which have been infected with ringworm. However, you have to ensure that it does not cause allergies, rashes, irritation and itching. It should be continued for around seven days and should be applied twice a day. It certainly will have very good results.


The above are only a few examples to overcome the problem of ringworm and other fungal infections on dogs. There are other natural ways and means too which could be tried out. Lime dip is also considered to be an effective method of tackling the problem of ringworm and other forms of fungal infections. However, if the infection does not subside within seven days, it would be better to seek the help of a veterinarian and address the problem through medical intervention.

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