10 Ways Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs Quickly And Naturally

A dog is arguably man’s best friend. Keeping such a pet can be a source of joy for anyone. However, it will be unfair to deny the fact that having a dog can also mean problems on the owner’s part.

For example, a significant number of dog owners often complain about fleas on dogs especially during summer months when the temperatures are high. That said, this article is a guide on how you can easily get rid of fleas on dogs.

1). Use a Flea Comb

A Flea comb is often seen as the easiest way of getting rid of fleas and other bugs on dogs. It keeps your dog not only well-groomed and healthy but also happy because it gets enough attention. Look for a good flea comb that combs out all fleas, including eggs & larvae. Prior to using any flea comb with narrow teeth, ensure your pet’s fur isn’t tangled so that you can avoid pain when combing it.

2). Use Apple Cidar Vinegar

Mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with approximately 250 ml of water and give it to your dog to drink it throughout the day. It keeps your pet’s skin slightly acidic. This acidic condition naturally repels fleas as well as ticks. However, do not apply apple cider vinegar directly to a broken skin because it causes irritation, which can make your pet uncomfortable.

3). Enhance Your Dog’s Shampoo With Fresh Lemon Juice

Although there are shampoos formulated to fight fleas, you can as well turn common dog shampoo into a powerful flea shampoo. Mix half a cup of fresh lemon juice with the same amount of dog shampoo then add 2 cups of cold water. Use the mixture to bathe your dog once per week. It is advisable to increase the quantities of proportion in case you are dealing with larger breeds. After bathing your dog, do not let it run around in areas where fleas reside, such as grassy trails and lawns.

get rid of fleas on dogs

4). Use Organic Dust and Borate Mixture

The simplest way to eliminate fleas on puppies is by attacking them when they are most vulnerable – during egg and hatching phases. The mixture will neutralize the eggs while the larvae will suffocate to death. Although the herbal dust and borate mixture is safe, you should avoid taking in the mixture. You can use a veil when applying the mixture. Dust the furniture, bunk, rug and the puppy couch and let the mixture settle for at least a day then vacuum. Please not that when you’re using this mixture, make sure your pet doesn’t lick it.

5). Wash Bedding & Use Heat

It is important to wash all the bedding your dog uses as well as any fabric your dog is most likely to lie on. Washing them using a strong detergent will help get rid of fleas, eggs as well as larvae. Drying is also a great way of killing both the eggs and larvae. Put the fabric in an electric dryer and raise the heat to maximum and fleas will be a forgotten nuisance.

6). Use a Flea Collar

Add two drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil in 1 teaspoon of cold water. Apply the mixture all over your pet’s collar. Alternatively, you can sprinkle or apply the mixture on a piece of fabric and strap it around your dog’s neck. Doing so will repel the fleas.

7). Clean Your Dog Regularly

Your dog regularly is another way of eliminating fleas. Set up your puppy for the shower by applying insect cleanser on areas around the ears, eyes, mouth, nose and butt. After applying the cleanser on the dog’s vulnerable areas, get it wet and foam its entire body up. Let it stand for at most ten minutes then brush out the dead fleas when dried. If your dog doesn’t respond well to the insect cleanser, try out a cleanser that has tea tree oil, cedar wood or eucalyptus in it.

dog fleas

8). Use Flea Traps Apart

Helping you assess the magnitude of the problem, flea traps can also help you catch as well as kill fleas. Use a flea trap that attracts fleas to a sticky substance and kills them. You should place the trap in areas where your dog frequents, such as the bed or couch. Alternatively, you can make your own flea trap if you can’t buy one. Put warm, soapy water in a shallow dish. Then put a light next to the dish and the fleas will be attracted by the light. When the fleas jump towards the light, they will land in the soapy water and get stuck. However, keep in mind that this method won’t solely eliminate fleas but using it alongside other methods will keep your dog safe.

9). Use Citrus Spray Citrus spray

Can also be used to eliminate fleas on puppies. Just like you used lemon to enhance dog shampoo, you still can use the juice alone to eliminate fleas. Take a slice of lemon and extract juice from it. Mix the juice with water and heat it until it boils. Let the solution cool then put it in a sprayer & use it to spray your dog.

10). Use Brewer’s Yeast & Garlic

Fleas can’t tolerate the taste of yeast and garlic. Add one tablespoon of brewer’s yeast and garlic powder to your pet’s food. Adjust the amounts based on the size of your dog. Alternatively, sprinkle natural yeast over your dog’s body, focusing on the most vulnerable areas. Do not use too much garlic because it can cause anemia in dogs.

Other Useful Tips To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs:

  • Sprinkle salt on areas where your dog frequents and leave it for at least 12 hours and later vacuum. The salt will kill the fleas by dehydrating them.
    When trying to identify areas infested with fleas, “bug dirt” (blood that insects including fleas dislodge as waste) is a clear indication that the fleas have been there.
    When trying to eliminate fleas, do not think that one treatment will be enough to eliminate them all. Apply the treatment frequently until you’re sure there are no more fleas.
    Always wear gloves or protective clothes if you’re using any chemical treatment such as sprays as a way of eliminating fleas.
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