10 Ways To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Fast

Medically known as gynecomastia, and commonly referred to as gyno by the bodybuilders, the condition also known as man boobs is a relatively common occurrence among adult men, especially those who work out. The condition often develops when a guy works out his muscles and eats a bulking diet, but does not properly work out his chest muscles.

Since chest muscles are often considered the pinnacle of men’s fitness and no good looking man can have man boobs, this condition can cause quite a bit of stress and socially awkward scenarios for men, which is why you will want to alleviate it early and remove it completely.

Gynecomastia can also often develop as a side effect of various bodybuilding supplements like prohormones and SARMs and no matter what the cause, we have compiled a list of the top 10 ways to get rid of man boobs fast.

1. Check Your Weight and Body Fat Percentage

The reason to do this is so you could be sure what you are treating. In some cases gyno can be caused by increased estrogen and other issues, while for some people it is simply caused by being obese.

Check your body fat and if you discover you have over 20% of it than it is likely your man boobs are a product of being obese and that alone. So just start burning calories, and the man boobs will go away with the rest of it.

2. Check For Hormonal Imbalances

As we already mentioned, gynecomastia can be caused by hormonal imbalances, namely imbalances of estrogen, cortisol and testosterone in your body. Go see your doctor and have them try and diagnose any potential imbalances in hormone levels.

These imbalances can usually appear if you use illegal substances such as drugs or powerful bodybuilding supplements, some of which are also illegal due to the side effects they bring. In either case, your doctor will be able to tell you if you have a hormonal imbalance, and how to treat it.

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3. Cardiovascular Workouts

Or cardio, as it is commonly referred to as, commonly includes exercises such as running outdoors or on a treadmill and cycling. Cardio is used to burn calories fast and get rid of excess fat and there is no reason it should not burn your man boobs away as well.

The best way to quickly attack your man boobs with cardio is by doing interval training, which superpowers your metabolism and burn of the most calories really fast. The way to perform interval training is to do difficult cardio for about half a minute and then easies cardio for about a minute and a half, and repeat the cycle about 10 or more times.

4. Chest Workouts

This may be the most obvious one. Since it is the chest muscles that are undeveloped and the excess fat has accumulated over them, doing chest workouts will burn of the fat from your chest quickly as well as grow your chest muscles. This combination will quickly lead to your man boobs being replaced with well-developed chest muscles.

Doing exercises such as bench press, pushups or incline flyes will greatly benefit the development of your chest muscles and the shedding of your man boobs, so increasing the number of days you do your chest at the gym may be a good idea if you want to lose man boobs fast.

5. Change Your Diet

Pretty much any physical appearance goal can be achieved by changing up the food you eat and getting rid of man boobs is no different. Eating more protein, vegetables and generally good food instead of processed, sugary or fat food will help you reduce your body fat percentage and with it, lose your man boobs.

6. Cut The Booze

According to several researches conducted by the UCLA School of Medicine and the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, alcohol may play a big role in many cases of gynecomastia as it may be causing suppression of plasma testosterone.

What is more, alcohol is also very rich in calories, and drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages will generally cause you to gain fat, including man boobs and in addition to the testosterone suppression it may be one of the lead causes of your man boobs. Cut down the alcohol and start losing your man boobs.

7. Stop Sitting Around

We don’t mean to judge anyone but if you are one of those people who due to the nature of their work, or just generally introvert nature, prefer to stay at home, staring at their computer screens or reading books all day long and you have developed man boobs, we have only one thing to tell you, start moving!

Walking and moving around burns calories and improves your body’s metabolism as well as your general health. If you are looking to get rid of man boobs or any other fat related issues, walking and being more active is one of the methods to get it done.

8. Swim

Another way of exercising your body that may also be a lot of fun is going to the pool or any local body of water and swimming. Since it may be slightly embarrassing for men with man boobs, you may want to try and find a more secluded place or time of day and just swim.

Swimming is great for all kinds of health benefits and it will work out basically all muscle groups while also burning off a load of calories. Going for morning swims, post workout swims or just swimming in general can be a great and fun way of getting rid of man boobs.

9. Surgery

One sure way to get rid of man boobs forever is through plastic surgery. While doing surgery may be extreme for a condition that is far from life-threatening, people have been known do go under the knife over much less and if you don’t mind spending about $5.000 for it, your surgeon will be able to remove your man boobs very efficiently.

Like all surgery, this too comes with some risks and your surgeon will certainly talk you through the before you decide to go through with the operation. If you do it, the surgery will remove the excess tissue, removing gynecomastia for good. After some time, your chest will fully recover and you will not have to worry about man boobs anymore.

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10. Using Products

There are a number of products out there, from pills to specially designed shirts that all promise to alleviate the effects of gynecomastia. While many of these products are completely bogus, some may actually work, so doing some research and giving them a shot may after all be better than getting cut and surgically removing your man boobs.

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